JKK9 Off-Piste™ Harness - Blue

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Designed in Britain

JKK9 Off-Piste Harness - Available in five sizes


  • Quick Grab™ Top Handle

All sizes come with a soft yet durable top handle allowing the owner convenient and fast control of their dog.
The handle sits close to the back panel reducing any chance of being caught when the dog is free.

  • Air Mesh Padding

The lining of the top and bottom panels are made with a light weight mesh. This allows breathability to the interior of the harness making the structure more comfortable for your dog.

  • Chest & Back Panels

The panels outer material is made with strong nylon and a hexagon shaped pattern increasing the strength of the material.

  • Reflective Stitching

Reflective stitching runs the full length of all four webbing straps, and across the top handle to increase night time visibility.
Night visibility is also aided with the glow in the dark front logo.

  • Four Point Adjustments

The OFF-PISTE harness is easily adjusted on all four webbing straps, providing a secure and comfortable fit for your dog without restricting movement